16 team CFB playoff my @$$!!!

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16 team CFB playoff my @$$!!!

Postby BOUTSHATMADRAWZ » Wed May 13, 2015 5:29 pm

16 team CFB playoff my @$$

we gotta get to 64 teams. that way they can "decide it on the field"

and when they say "decide it on the field", they really mean "we decided that most of the teams on the field shd be from the SEC"!!! like in the ncaa softball tourny, AKA mike slive's wet dream:


32 AQs, and 32 at large bids available for the 64 team field

Aubie took the AQ spot when they won the CT on saturday. and TEN other sec teams got AQ spots. or, iow, a conf with less then five percent of total teams got about 30% of the AL spots.

of the 11 team sec teams, 7 of them got homefield in the regionals, and five got top 8 spots, or homefield advanted in the supers if everything went to plan

which is kinda effed up to give 4 other schools a chance. i mean them other schools just aint playin' the kinda ball they play down n the sec boy... SEC! SEC! SEC!!!!!
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