Sam Projects The Bills And The Falcons, Week 4

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Sam Projects The Bills And The Falcons, Week 4

Postby SamAxe » Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:17 am

Bills versus:

Pats @ home: Lose - Guessed correctly
Mia @ Away: Win - Guessed correctly
NYG @ home: Win
TEN @ Away: Win
CIN @ home: Loss
JAG @ Away: Win
Mia @ Home: Win
Jets @ Home: Win
Pats @ Away: Loss
KC @ Away: Loss
HOU @ Home: Win
PHI @ Away: Win
WAS @ Away: Win
DAL @ Home: Loss
JETS @ Home: Win

Bills notes: Things didn't change much on my predictions. I'm thinking I was overly optimistic on the Dallas win. Romo will be back by the time the Bills play them, and it's in their house. As well, there'll be a lot of hype about it being a Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII replay. With our QB still being young, it'll likely rattle him. So, that's now a loss. However, the Jets are awful this year thus far. We'll sweep them.

Final Record: 11-5


NYG @ Away: Loss Win --> Guessed incorrectly
DAL @ Away: Win --> Guessed correctly
HOU @ Home: Win
WAS @ Home: Win
NO @ Away: Win
TEN @ Away: Win
BUCS @ Home: Win
SF @ Away: Win
IND @ Home: Win
MIN @ Home: Win
BUCS @ Away: Loss
CAR @ Away: Loss
JAG @ Away: Win
CAR @ Home: Win
NO @ Away: Win

Falcons notes: Man, the schedule is such a win for the Falcons. I don't see any teams on the schedule that are top tier. Indy is looking like they could use another season to recover from the playoff loss last year. The Saints turned back into the Aints. Carolina might give them fits, but not in Atlanta's house. So, that becomes a win. Hopefully the come-from-behind play style won't bite them in the arse in the coming weeks.

Final Record: 14-2
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