We need some new "Phobias"

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We need some new "Phobias"

Postby BOUTSHATMADRAWZ » Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:12 pm

We need some new "Phobias", because if we've learned anything it's that calling a person a blankophobe helps put the opposition in its place

The Muslims killing innocent ppl in France and America and other infidels cld be "Ameriphobes", "Francophobes" or "InfidelPhobes"

Cop killers cld be "Copiphobes"

And the Obama administration wld definitely be "Truthiphobes" "Integrophobes" and suffer from a severe case of "RuleOfLawiphobia"
"He (OBAMA) could piss on the fanbois' backs and they'd say it was raining due to global warming caused by income inequality." PACER_FAN 12FEB2014
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Re: We need some new "Phobias"

Postby elprof » Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:02 pm

I'd say you could be a Braincellphobe.
Virtually everything GOP critics have told us would follow from the policies put in place has not come to pass. You would think that this would occasion a few mea culpas, some rethinking, an admission of poor prognostication. But, alas, it continues.
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