Trump's first month

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Trump's first month

Postby Cortez the Killer » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:03 pm

What is your honest opinion?

- the markets like him, for sure. but the economy has been improving for over a year (closer to 2?) so other than the prospect of future de-regulations, I'm not going to give him too much credit.

- like it or not, he has not been timid or worried about testing the water before jumping in. but some of the campaign promises he's trying to hammer through have been pretty messy and ineffective, at the end of the day. but points (I guess) for trying to slam them through anyway.

- I actually don't give him too much blame for this idiot general Flynn that basically shit his pants when thrust into the limelight. sure, it doesn't look like Trump made a great choice but if the guy is not being truthful to Pence and being boneheaded if he thinks DOJ wasn't listening to his phone call with a Russian, then I can't really blame Trump for that. and he handled it and fired the guy.

- what to make of these made up massacres? Atlanta, Bowling Green and now Sweden...are these just slips of the tongue or are they trying to insert information so that someone will hear it and take it for truth and repeat it, ad infitum? this is kind of they're either sloppy with their facts; delusional with what is actually happening in reality or incredibly sinister in trying to there any other angle here that I am missing?

- no, I think what bothers me most (and I'm fairly lukewarm about politics now because I think they're all shitheads and my day-to-day is mostly unaffected by these assholes) is the lack of being "Presidential" in deed or manner. And I'm afraid that the next guy or gal will continue this trend and we really will turn into a nation of brain-dead, reality TV show-watching mouth-breathers (if we aren't already there.) I suppose we get the government we deserve.

Pretty sad state of affairs up in this piece.
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Re: Trump's first month

Postby elprof » Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:33 pm

Virtually everything GOP critics have told us would follow from the policies put in place has not come to pass. You would think that this would occasion a few mea culpas, some rethinking, an admission of poor prognostication. But, alas, it continues.
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Re: Trump's first month

Postby Hoosier Fan » Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:16 am

He's got a lot of work to do and he needs to shut up. I think he wants to do some good things, but not sure he has the self-discipline to actually put himself in a position to actually get them done. The travel ban was a monumental cluster and comments like "so-called judge" and the media is the enemy of the American people are stupid and, at least in the case of the second one, dangerous.

To me one of the great ironies of his early days is that when the statute under which authority he is authorized to build the wall came up for a vote Biden, Clinton, Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein and Obama(!) all voted "Aye". And W signed it into law. It's like the entire ruling class passed it with a wink and a nod and a sotto voce, "This will calm the rubes down," with no intention of acting on it. Why some think there is a swamp to be drained.

Not a whole lot more optimistic than I was on November 9, but not sad that it's not Hillary.

And I don't put much stock(swidt) in the market's reaction to anything. I think it's fairly disconnected from reality right now and I think Hillary would have gotten a bounce as well, no idea if it would have been bigger, smaller or the same. The markets were just happy that the election from hell was over.
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